Dissertation Made Easy –28– A Lesson In Humility

What could be more infuriating than spending days and immeasurable energy on a document only to have it returned with barely a comment, something vague or just shut down as not good enough? As far as you know you are pretty smart- After all you a doctoral student- Doing something only 1-2% of the population will even get to do.… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –27– Getting Through To Non-Communicating Chair

Many doctoral candidates share the common complaint of committee members not responding to their attempts of contact. That can be tough and cause great setbacks and costly delays. If your goal is to be a Doctoral Candidate, by all means just deal with it. If your goal is to soon be DR. ____ then you need to take action to… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –26– Getting With The Right Group

Sometimes people get involved in work groups without fully exploring what they are seeking and comparing that to what the group can and will offer. This is another instance where something as great as dissertation camaraderie can be detrimental to your progress. The first thing you need to know about a group you want to form or join is its… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –25– To Group Or Not To Group.

Anything can be more fun when you turn it into a party… Including your dissertation. Readers of Six Months to Doctor and my clients know that I am a strong advocate for groups. Writing groups, research groups or even overall dissertation groups can be very helpful. Having a group that you have to face every week to share your successes… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –24– Crushing Feedback

Remember how I always say that your committee is your best assets? Greatest supporters? Best thing since sliced bread? Such an important part of your journey that a whole chapter in my book is about committees? Well they are, but they can also be the biggest boulders that come crashing on you and your confidence. Some days you may get… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –23– A day off

It’s true that when you are on a mission to get your dissertation completed, you often find yourself giving up a social life for the most part. All of that is a temporary sacrifice you make for the sake of your investment. While delayed gratification is important your body still needs some reset time. That’s why it is so critical… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –22– Get a Buddy

Doing things alone is not always as fun as with others. Working on your dissertation is one of those. When you are working on your dissertation alone you take a few more liberties than you would with other. You know how your group projects were done a couple days early and your individual papers finished 5 minutes before the start… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –21– Getting To Candidacy

When you get started with your coursework it’s tough to know where to go and how to start. Where as in undergrad courses are often offered a few times per year, by the time you get to doctorate level it’s definitely not like that. You will find that many course that you need are offered only once per year. To… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –20– The Revolving Committee Door

The longer you are in the dissertation stage the greater your chances of having to new members join your committee after you have started work. Faculty members have life changes just as students do. People move. They experience crises. They have major life events. All those can be reasons that someone steps down from your committee. This does not mean… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –19– Summer’s Over? :? :?

The academic year is officially getting started again, but if you are at the dissertation or candidacy stage, you know that summer is really a figment of others’ imaginations. If you took the time to indulge, that’s actually a great thing. Whether you took a full summer vacation or just a few breaks here and there, summer still slows you… (more…)