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Dissertation Made Easy –28– A Lesson In Humility

What could be more infuriating than spending days and immeasurable energy on a document only to have it returned with barely a comment, something vague or just shut down as not good enough? As far as you know you are pretty smart- After all you a doctoral student- Doing something only 1-2% of the population will even get to do.… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –26– Getting With The Right Group

Sometimes people get involved in work groups without fully exploring what they are seeking and comparing that to what the group can and will offer. This is another instance where something as great as dissertation camaraderie can be detrimental to your progress. The first thing you need to know about a group you want to form or join is its… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –20– The Revolving Committee Door

The longer you are in the dissertation stage the greater your chances of having to new members join your committee after you have started work. Faculty members have life changes just as students do. People move. They experience crises. They have major life events. All those can be reasons that someone steps down from your committee. This does not mean… (more…)

RE: Six Months To Doctor: How to Complete a Dissertation in Six Months

I was wondering what today’s post should be about when this email came through from a reader of my book… When people ask me why I do certain things… This is the reason.  Indulge me Greetings Dr. Cinéas, Now that the dust has settled and this feeling is finally sinking in I had to take a moment to thank you for… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –16– Narrowing Down to The research Question

Most people start off with a general idea of what they want to study but nothing concrete. Wanting to do some big save the world project that encompasses everything under and above the sun the ideas seem to get broader instead of narrower. There is one very easy starting step to coming to your research question- What do you want… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy -1- Have a Dissertation Schedule

The dissertation is the reason many doctorate students spend too much time s doctoral candidates or ABDs. Suddenly free of deadlines and due dates, many students find the “freedom” overwhelming. The lack of structure often makes it more difficult for candidates to set and follow in a specific direction. When faced with freedom and temptation from every direction on how… (more…)

STOP WAITING… Just go out and get yours!

In the last 18 hours (including the 8 I was sleeping) I have spoken to two people who talked about a something they want to do, but are waiting for things to get better or be right before they start. Both of them had these great ideas that they are VERY passionate about, and ideas that I believe could be… (more…)

Self-esteem boost – Easy as 1-2-3

Even the best of us can wake up having a bad day. Confidence can be shaken even if for a brief moment. When that happens, how the day and the circumstance are handled is key. That is why it is imperative that individuals have tools to help them generate a little self-esteem boost to help through these days. Walking with… (more…)

Best You Forward: Make the lasting impression that ends your unemployment

When we hear on the news how high the unemployment rate is it’s always troubling. We all wish there was something that we can do to help, and people in the job market are always seeking more tools to help them get an edge. DrJudiC Presents a series of teleseminars to help. On Monday June 22, 2009 DrJudiC will present… (more…)


Wow… I am actually blogging.  This is odd! So world what can I share? I am a therapist by trade and have wanted to be in the counseling field since I was in high school.  Recently I have decided to take my training and experience into life coaching.  I know… They’re a dime a dozen these days.  But that’s OK. … (more…)