Monthly Archives: June 2009

Shout outs to the Real Men!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s day. As the day approached I heard quite a few people talking about it. How they celebrate, who they celebrate and things like that. I also heard a few people talking about how some deadbeats have a tendency to surface around that time… trying to get some acknowledgement… AS IF!!! (Yes I know how ditzy that… (more…)

Best You Forward: Make the lasting impression that ends your unemployment

When we hear on the news how high the unemployment rate is it’s always troubling. We all wish there was something that we can do to help, and people in the job market are always seeking more tools to help them get an edge. DrJudiC Presents a series of teleseminars to help. On Monday June 22, 2009 DrJudiC will present… (more…)

Phenomenal Women

I was at a career fair yesterday and met so many people. It was encouraging to see how many people were plugging away at trying to get that next gig. To these folks I must say Way To Go!!! There were many people there who had been through the mills with trying to make things happen. Today I’m shoutin’ out… (more…)

New heroes for the babies…

I recently attended a forum where I heard something disturbing (I know… It’s starting to sound like I attend a lot of meetings).  I don’t think it was so much what was said that bothered me, but more that this was not the first time.  One of the panelist commented that there were not enough role models for our youth… (more…)

What if God was waiting for the media?

I attended a meeting not too long ago where we were discussing ways that we can help young brothers in the community. I know… we’re forever having these little feel good about yourself type meetings. A whole group of people get together, talk about all these things that are needed and then shift to how we need the government or… (more…)