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Dissertation Made Easy –19– Summer’s Over? :? :?

The academic year is officially getting started again, but if you are at the dissertation or candidacy stage, you know that summer is really a figment of others’ imaginations. If you took the time to indulge, that’s actually a great thing. Whether you took a full summer vacation or just a few breaks here and there, summer still slows you… (more…)

RE: Six Months To Doctor: How to Complete a Dissertation in Six Months

I was wondering what today’s post should be about when this email came through from a reader of my book… When people ask me why I do certain things… This is the reason.  Indulge me Greetings Dr. Cinéas, Now that the dust has settled and this feeling is finally sinking in I had to take a moment to thank you for… (more…)

Dissertation Made Easy –18– Getting Out of Revision Junction

Lately I’m hearing a lot about the struggles of students stuck in eternal revision junction. Generally if you are having trouble getting your work approved by your committee there is something that is missing. Nine out of ten times it’s a gap in communication. Either they don’t get your ideas or you don’t get their instructions. Sit down and hash… (more…)