Phenomenal Women

I was at a career fair yesterday and met so many people. It was encouraging to see how many people were plugging away at trying to get that next gig. To these folks I must say Way To Go!!! There were many people there who had been through the mills with trying to make things happen. Today I’m shoutin’ out the Phenomenal Women who are out there holding things together. You are keeping the world moving even when there is a lot of pushing and pulling required of you. We are truly blessed even when things are not going the way we want them too.
My charge to each one of you today is to do something nice for someone else. Assert the power of your greatness. Make someone smile today. Give a compliment. If you know someone who is in the market for a job right now call them and give them some encouragement. It’s hard to be in the hunt in this market, but with the support of people around them, they can be positive another day. After that, say a special prayer of thanksgiving for yourself and others around you. If you are in the job market, I am proud of you for hanging in there. Even when you don’t know it I pray for you, and encourage you to continue doing the same.
Ladies, I dedicate your favorite India Arie song to you today… Play out, because today it is your song.
I appreciate you all.


I’m just saying though…

Dream Big… Live Bigger…

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  1. Thank you for being our cheerleader. Yay right back at you! Love, Goddess

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