Dissertation Made Easy –18– Getting Out of Revision Junction

Lately I’m hearing a lot about the struggles of students stuck in eternal revision junction. Generally if you are having trouble getting your work approved by your committee there is something that is missing. Nine out of ten times it’s a gap in communication. Either they don’t get your ideas or you don’t get their instructions. Sit down and hash it out. Set appointments with them to discuss what they expect from you as well as what you need from them. It’s much easier to gain a clear understanding when the parties converse. If a face to face is not an option yes, you can settle for a telephone meeting, but the key is that you MUST meet. No matter how smart you are you cannot know what’s in another person’s head. So instead of hitting your head against a wall trying to get through to the other person’s thoughts, just ask them. It’s easier, much less painful and did I mention a great time and energy saver which reduces frustration?

Most of the time your committee wants to help you and they will when you ask. In the off chance you have someone who’s really just looking to run you through the coals, all you do is use their words to back you up. If you ask what they want, and then provide that, their only recourse is to accept it. Stop beating yourself up trying to guess things that could be answered through a single conversation. Save your energy for where it’s needed.


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Feel free to ask questions.

2 Responses to Dissertation Made Easy –18– Getting Out of Revision Junction

  1. Thank you, Dr. Cineas, for operating in your purpose. You are such a blessing to those in doctorate programs. The value of your ministry is immeasurable!

  2. DrJudiC says:

    Thank you for your kind words Dr. James. I’m sure you remember as well as I do those moments where we wished someone could just tell us the simple little tools that seemed to be the biggest secrets.

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