RE: Six Months To Doctor: How to Complete a Dissertation in Six Months

I was wondering what today’s post should be about when this email came through from a reader of my book

When people ask me why I do certain things… This is the reason.  Indulge me :)

Greetings Dr. Cinéas,

Now that the dust has settled and this feeling is finally sinking in I had to take a moment to thank you for your book Six Months to Doctor. I started my Ph.D. journey more than a decade ago, but with life and so many setbacks it seems like I was on breaks more than I was enrolled in my program. It was dragging so much that it started to become a joke around my family. Two years ago my husband and I were talking about this again and I told him that I would one day get that degree. When your book arrived last spring I thought he was being sarcastic by ordering it, but I soon realized that he found the tool I needed all these years. My first step after reading Six Months to Doctor was to set a deadline. I went to work regrouping and organizing and following your advice as closely as applicable. The qualifying paper that was hanging over my head for 2 years was done before the start of the fall semester. I immediately got to work on the dissertation and got it done just in time to make the summer graduation. Your book was so helpful and beyond inspirational all through this journey.

I know I didn’t do it in six months, but considering the years I spent just trying to rise to doctoral candidacy, this was a very big deal. Having my family there to see me hooded was an amazing feeling. I thank my husband constantly for getting me your book and I thank you for making this resource available to us. I could wish you wrote it sooner, but I guess we had to wait for you to complete your own Ph.D.


Dr. Ann

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