Dissertation Made Easy –19– Summer’s Over? :? :?

The academic year is officially getting started again, but if you are at the dissertation or candidacy stage, you know that summer is really a figment of others’ imaginations. If you took the time to indulge, that’s actually a great thing. Whether you took a full summer vacation or just a few breaks here and there, summer still slows you down. Taking time to accommodate, rest, family, friends and especially kids does take some of the speed out of your progress. So now that things are back to “normal”, resume your routines. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that the kids were in school, projects had to be completed and you still had your own school work. Get those schedules back into play and have everyone take on their assigned tasks again. This is the perfect time to make changes because people expect changes in these transitional weeks. Don’t take on new projects to see if you “can handle them this year”. It may be a new year but since my petition for a 27-hour day has not yet been approved we still must work within the 24-hour day. If you had a system that worked last year, get it back into play. If your system did not work, make the changes now and begin implementation immediately.


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4 Responses to Dissertation Made Easy –19– Summer’s Over? :? :?

  1. Lisa Claudine Jenkins says:

    Hi Dr. Judi, I’m still working on my Literature Review (Chapter 2). Once I get over that big hump, then I can proceed to the other chapters a little more easier.

  2. DrJudiC says:

    Keep moving and don’t stop. Just take it one step at a time and before you know it it’ll be defense time. :)

  3. Quinn Jones says:

    Great article Dr. Judi! I am also writing Chapter 2 and the summer quarter has been difficult! I will be re-focused and re-energized for the fall quarter !

  4. DrJudiC says:

    Thanks Quinn. Sometimes a fresh start goes a long way. Just get all your preparations completed so that you can dive in at the start of the term. Maybe even schedule a meeting with your chair to go over progress, plans or expectation- Just something to give you a bit more guidance/ motivation.

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