STOP WAITING… Just go out and get yours!

In the last 18 hours (including the 8 I was sleeping) I have spoken to two people who talked about a something they want to do, but are waiting for things to get better or be right before they start. Both of them had these great ideas that they are VERY passionate about, and ideas that I believe could be beneficial to them as well as the clientele they wish to target. Feasibility of-course can be a problem if they allow it to be. Unfortunately that’s exactly where they both happen to be. Two individuals; opposite in as many ways as you can imagine, facing the same problem: hindering their ability to live their dream.
Don’t get me wrong, both their projects would require a great deal of resources. The good news is that the resources are available. Though the bad news is that they are keeping themselves from accessing them. Both of them actually told me that there are some things that they want to get in place before they can move forward. Sounds fair enough, right? No, because if they move forward these things will be taken care of through the process. An analogy I often use to describe this dilemma is that of a man who is having car problems, and wants to fix the car before he has the mechanic work on it. Hello – The mechanic will fix the car and once you fix it, you no longer need a mechanic.
Many people have these big dreams that they want to live out. The store they want to open, the Bed & Breakfast they want to run, the degree they want to complete and so many more. All these require a great deal of planning, and some financial backing. They also have the potential to contribute to greater financial independence. How many times have we heard of someone who said they needed to be financially independent before they can pursue a venture that would help them reach financial independence? The sentence some times starts with “If I won the lottery…” Let’s be serious – If they won the lottery chances are they would choose to do other things that will not require them to work or work hard.
There are so many opportunities that are available in our communities. Organizations whose existence is centered around helping people start small businesses; schools focusing on helping adults continue their educations; government programs providing grants and loans to encourage small business that would create jobs; the opportunities are endless. If you have a good idea that you truly believe in, its implementation should not be suppressed by your current lack of funding. Just like many individuals with limited funds are looking for opportunities to reach financial independence, there are many others who have reached that level and are looking to help others reach it too, contribute to their community, or just invest to secure their continued financial independence. So if it’s funding that has been the barrier to a pursuing a dream, the solution may be as simple as looking for the key to open this gate.
What is often truly a barrier is getting motivated and beginning the process of working, especially in the early “no money” stage. Doing the prep work. A good idea is only that; a good idea until it is written out into a viable plan. While most financially savvy individuals and institutions may be reluctant to invest in a good idea, they would usually take the time to review and assess a plan. A strong business plan which can show the investor the potential good along with when and how they can see the fruits of their investment is likely to generate some interest.
The first step to following your dream is to make the decision to follow your dream. I grew up hearing the proverb “help yourself, and heaven will help you”. This is not to say that God will not help you unless you take the lead, rather that you are provided opportunities and that it will be up to you to take advantage of them. If you have a dream, an idea, something you are passionate about, get out there and create your plan make it happen. If you start to take action- planning and researching, you will find that resources are available to help you get there. If you need more help, get it. So, Ready? Set? Go Get ‘em!

I’m just saying though…

Dream Big… Live Bigger…

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    This is really awesome! 😀

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