Dissertation Made Easy –24– Crushing Feedback

Remember how I always say that your committee is your best assets? Greatest supporters? Best thing since sliced bread? Such an important part of your journey that a whole chapter in my book is about committees? Well they are, but they can also be the biggest boulders that come crashing on you and your confidence. Some days you may get feedback from one or maybe more of your committee members that really hit hard- Maybe even the kind of feedback that makes you wonder who your parents bribed to get you out of Kindergarten. The first thing to remember is that it is not personal. Yes there are probably a hundred ways of sharing their concern that would have been less distressing, but obviously they were not in a position to think of those at the time they were providing the feedback. Don’t go flying of the handle or throwing your computer in the trash because you are “too through with this”. Just turn off the computer, walk away from the books and all other dissertation related material. Go do something relaxing. When you come back to your work the following day and you are calmer, it will be easier to see what the feedback was really about and how you can make the adjustments. And don’t forget, if it is not clear, ASK.


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