The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People – Developing Habits

They say youth is wasted on the young.  Some times I wonder about that statement.  I purchased this book during my first semester of college, as a requirement for my First Year Seminar.  I bought it like all my books at that time, because my scholarship provided funding for books.  Luckily I’m a packrat with a lot of space so I was able to keep it all these years.  I have gone through this book several times in recent years and continue to have some aha moments each time I pick it up.  Today was the realization that I recognize something new each time I open it. As a college freshman I did not take full advantage of the opportunity that was before me, when I read it again later I was able to see the potential of these lessons.

The first and most important thing about these seven habits for me was that they were all for the most part internal.  It’s all things that the individual could take charge of and achieving once they decided they wanted it. And of-course committed to it.  Success behaviors, once they become a habit, are able to translate into the desired success.  Stephen Covey defines habits as “the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire”.  He continues to say “Creating a habit requires work in all three dimensions” (p. 47).  This could not be more true, and this to is internally motivated.

Can I do this is different from I can do this.  One of the primary differences is that one question and one asserts.  This also means that with one statement opportunity is left for doubt to come in and potentially limit possibilities.

Desire is one of our greatest resources, and with enough desire the possibilities are endless.  With a strong enough desire, knowledge and skill are attainable; although I am not sure how true the reverse will be.  Many people can remember a time when there was something they really wanted and their parents were starting to implement the “if you want it you have to earn it”.  Yes what a nightmare that was.  But the more important memory should be of how far and how much you were willing to work to get it.

Developing a habit is a simple process, though not without difficulties.  If there is the desire the other two components suddenly become more attainable.  Desire is the drive that will push you to get things done.  That is what will make you stay up to finish that last project or read the last page.  This is the reason that when people seek success or financial freedom, it is best that they seek to use what they are passionate about to fuel this desire.  What the passion will do is keep you interested. 

Take for example the many Multilevel Marketing opportunities or Real Estate Books or CD packages that are available and tout financial freedom in no time.  These programs are offered to everyone and encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities… Ever wondered why they work for some but not all as is promised… One of the reasons is the lack of passion.  Unless they are truly passionate about that what they are doing.  They are therefore not as motivated to go above and beyond and do what it takes.  I started writing this but got caught up in other stuff, but the other day a friend gave me copy of an overview on CD.  So this is my queue to finish the blog series I planned.  So look forward to that in the coming days…

I’ll go though each habit.  A reminder for those who read it and a taste for those who haven’t.  I believe that these habits a have the potential to help people move mountains if they have a desire to get to the other side.  As Keith Harell would say, let’s go from part-time Positive to full-time Positive.

I’m just saying though…

Dream Big… Live Bigger…

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