Boost your Self-esteem – Nurture your talents

We’ve all heard the saying “if you don’t use it, you loose it”. In most cases that is not exactly true, but in some way it may be. We all have great talents within us, but too often the demands of everyday life lead us to put them aside. As children, many of us had these great talents that we “outgrew” when we chose to follow more practical routes. The truth is more practical does not always mean better. And choosing the “practical” does not have to mean giving up on the enjoyable.
These talents provide many necessary parts of our lives that are often overlooked. By continuing to nurture a talent individuals also find an opportunity to also experience personal growth and improve self-esteem.
The first is the opportunity for growth. As you nurture your talents the skill level will undoubtedly improve. This is not to say that by continuing to practice the piano every one can become the next Mozart, rather that over time and with practice, they will play better. In order to do this, you have to find opportunities to continue developing your talents. If as a child you sung well, this may be you great talent that that needs to be nurtured. Take the time to practice. Singing along with the radio can be great, but in most cases you would then be trying to sing with/like the artist you are singing with and not developing your own voice and sound.
When lessons are possible and finances allow, take a lesson or two, to get the basics and add some structure. This will provide motivation to keep going. The better you get, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the more motivated you will be to work harder and get better. If you were a visual artist, the same principles will apply. Catch 22? Just little.
The point is, whatever that talent used to be that inspired you as a child, it could still have the same impact if you allow it. As you develop your talents, there is a level of growth that you will experience as you learn more about your craft and about your self. This will boost confidence in your skills as well as capabilities. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes better and provides more opportunities to learn and get even better at what you do. In that process you will also grow as you discover more about your abilities, great skills and learning styles and even what make you tick or pleases you. What better way to uncover your learning styles could there be? Or even better, can you imagine all the other things you will achieve when you know the best way for you to learn? This can be helpful on a personal and professional level.
Continuing to grow in your craft will also lead to a continuation of personal growth. Without fail, personal growth is bound to lead to an increase in confidence and higher self-esteem. Wonder how it work?
Well as you experience personal growth, you start to learn more about yourself and start to appreciate more of your greatness. You can discover some unique attributes that were previously hidden or ignored. The more good things you know about someone, the more you tend to like them… that goes for yourself too. Even if you were to discover some not so great things about you, who you are growing personally, you will be inclined to work on these potential blemishes, and even that will make you feel good.
Now let’s say by some fluke none of the above happened for you (though very unlikely). What then? Well then you would have had a ball trying. So either way you still win. So how about it? What hidden talent will you nurture?

I’m just saying though…

Dream Big… Live Bigger…

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20 Responses to Boost your Self-esteem – Nurture your talents

  1. WHEVERgeek says:

    Wow, I really needed to read this post. A lot of the time I leave out things that I am talented at doing or really enjoy. I’ve decided to try to hone in on my drawing skills, as well as musical skills. Thank you very much for this post, it’s just the encouragement I needed.
    Would you mind if I linked to this post?

  2. DrJudiC says:

    Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad I could help. I would welcome your linking to the post.
    Best wishes with your art. Go Get ’em!

  3. Tnelson says:

    There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate!

  4. DrJudiC says:

    Thanks TNelson. Please share the link.

  5. Thom Mann says:

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  6. DrJudiC says:

    Please do.

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  10. MWD says:

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  16. Wally Tillery says:

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  17. MilesMcnea27 says:

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  18. RONtaita says:

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  19. DrJudiC says:

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  20. DrJudiC says:

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