Dissertation Made Easy -2- Making it a Pleasant Journey

When you think of dissertation, many people think of this ginormous project with bells and whistles.  It is expected to be this major accomplishment and doctoral candidates expect that it would be grueling.  It is indeed all those things.  Completing a dissertation is a triumph, and I believe that anyone who makes it through should be very proud.  Somewhere along the years, we got it in our minds that a dissertation had to be extra hard.  It doesn’t.  The dissertation in itself is a great achievement.  It is indeed going to require much original work that only the candidate can do.  There are resources that are available that can help the process go smoothly.  It takes more time to fix something than to do it right the first time.  When working on your dissertation, get a lot of help to do every part right the first time.  Many student spend more time revising than they do writing their dissertations.  There are many people who are available and willing to help you.  I don’t mean an online service you buy either.  People on your campus and in your life who want to help you get your degree.  You just need to know how to benefit from that.

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2 Responses to Dissertation Made Easy -2- Making it a Pleasant Journey

  1. DrJudiC says:

    Glad to share my experience. I’m looking forward to doing a series on this topic.
    Thanks for the feedback

  2. Thank you for this assurance. I do agree we can make this bigger than it needs to be made. Somehow, I shall bring this to the triumph end. Shalom.

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