Dissertation Made Easy –26– Getting With The Right Group

Sometimes people get involved in work groups without fully exploring what they are seeking and comparing that to what the group can and will offer. This is another instance where something as great as dissertation camaraderie can be detrimental to your progress.

  • The first thing you need to know about a group you want to form or join is its purpose. Is it a support network? A writing group? Research group? Ideally you would start with a group and progress together, but not everyone is that lucky. So if you are joining a group, try to find one where the other members are at the same stage you are in. If you are at the writing stage and everyone else is still at research, that can limit benefits you stand to gain.
  • Make sure that the group offers what you are seeking. Some students may join a group because they want people who are able to read and give feedback on their work, while others may just need to partnership to motivate them to write and don’t need reviewers. When the needs of members are not in line with the group’s offering, it can affect cohesion and makes it easy to disengage.
  • When you can’t find a great match find a small partnership. When you have just two people involved, it’s easier for both parties to have their needs met. Yes, that means that you may not have the benefits of a few more minds that you are working with, but you can both be accountable to each other and make the partnership work. Even if you are at different stages of the journey, as long as you both express your needs clearly the partnership can work.


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