Dissertation Made Easy -7- Discovering Research Interests

The spring semester is in full swing and the work continues.  Did you know that the time that you are enrolled in classes is your best tool for finding a dissertation topic?  Many people come into their programs with some ideas of what they want to conduct their dissertation research on.  Still many others don’t have a clue.  As you complete papers for classes this is a good way to really begin to explore research interests. If you have already completed classes… No Worries… take a look through the papers that you have written for your classes over these past years. Look for the trends.  These trends are a great tool to help you see what research areas have been tugging at your attention. And the best part is that you’ll find you already have a nice chunk of the research and reading done.

So if you are still struggling to pin point your dissertation research topic, just take some time to do a little reading.  You may find some great surprises.  I can already tell you’ll like the author. :)

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2 Responses to Dissertation Made Easy -7- Discovering Research Interests

  1. James Simmons says:

    Hello Dr Judi Cinéas, I was wondering if you ever encountered that PHD discrimination that many working on their PHD’s often face. 6 months is truly one amazing accomplishment.


  2. DrJudiC says:

    Hi James,
    I did not experience this myself, but I have spoken to individuals you had experiences they believed were discrimination. Sometimes the line can be blurred because some faculty are just so tough or demanding that one could perceive it as discrimination. And in some cases it is indeed discrimination. What it comes down to is knowing what your goal is and fusing on that while finding ways through, over, or around any hurdle that may present. The key I always tell people is to not just complain to friends about it. You may not be able to take on a civil rights battle while working on your dissertation, but you have to find time to advocate for yourself.

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