Dissertation Made Easy -8- Communicate With Your Committee

When you select your committee you will be selecting some brilliant individuals who have a lot to offer to your dissertation team. One grave mistake that many students make is that after selecting this power team, they don’t work with them. When students go off to work on their dissertation without communicating with their advisors they leave much room for error. Why would you want to just go off and try to envision what your advisors would want you to include when you can find it out from them? Do not underestimate the power of discussions with your dissertation team. Instead of coming back months later with a 400 page document that’s missing some things your advisors want to see in it, you may have a 300 or 500 paper, but it will have what’s needed. Faculty who agree to advise students take that responsibility seriously. They are committed helping students. They want to see you succeed, but they will not sign off on a document until it meets their standards.

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