Wow… I am actually blogging.  This is odd!
So world what can I share? I am a therapist by trade and have wanted to be in the counseling field since I was in high school.  Recently I have decided to take my training and experience into life coaching.  I know… They’re a dime a dozen these days.  But that’s OK.  With life coaching you just need to know your stuff and your clients.

What’s important for a client? Know your needs.  For instance I have been a therapist for a good while now, so I have the back ground to work with clients on learning skills that can be helpful in making behavior changes to day and anytime in the future.  That’s because behavior modification is my thing… I am very much a Solution-Focused Cognitive Behavior type…  Other coaches are trained from various schools and may be able to provide different methods.   But don’t misconstrue point though… your coach should be able to tailor their coaching to meet your current needs and goals..

When choosing a coach, you need to ask questions.  You have to know who this person is that you are about to commit to meeting with on a frequent basis, regardless of how long you choose to work with them at the beginning.  I often recommend interviewing.  That is something people don’t seem to do enough of when seeking services.  You have to explore the goodness of fit, and the best way is to converse with your potential coach and get a feel for how you two talk.  If you make sure that you get a good match, you will do amazing work together and in the future. 

It’s 4:30 AM AKA get off the computer time. 

Dream Big… Live Bigger…

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