Dissertation Made Easy -10- Getting Started With A Topic

Getting started on a dissertation topic is one of the most difficult parts of a doctorate program. It’s understandable that you want to study so many different things and publish cutting edge work on things you are passionate about. You have to remember that completing your dissertation is not the end of your scholarship but a new elevated beginning. You will have many more opportunities to research and publish your work after graduation. Find one thing that you are passionate about and go with it. If you want to know more about it, and have as many questions as you do, surely others will too. One way you can test the interest is by speaking with others in the field and your advisors. Once you complete the dissertation and get that Dr. before your name there will be many opportunities to conduct other research project, so do not feel you have to put everything you know and have ever thought about in this one project. The dissertation is just one assignment- A GYNORMOUS one, but still one assignment. Find the questions that you want answered and seek to answer them. Narrow down your topic so that you are conducting a single study. Trying to make a bunch of unrelated studies fit together is not necessarily the path to a great dissertation but I certainly is a shortcut to losing your sanity. Keep it focused.

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Feel free to ask questions.

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