Dissertation Made Easy –11– Conquering Your Lit Review

The literature review is one of the most trying parts of a dissertation. Keeping track of 50 plus articles is not an easy task, but there are ways to make the process easier on yourself. Many of us are used to researching, and then writing. This is one place that method should not be applied. As you are reading, start writing your literature review. Every time you read a new piece, fit it in with what you have already written. Whether it’s a new concept or one that supports or disputes existing points add it as you read it, and cite it immediately. As you go along you may need to go back to other things you’ve read, and having the citations there as an easy reference can be helpful.

There many be times that you can’t get to your Lit Review document right away or are not sure how you want present the information you just read. In those cases your first task is to include each of these pieces in a very through annotated bibliography. Be sure to put in as much of the information that you think is pertinent as possible, along with your thoughts on them. This way, when you are ready to include them, you don’t have to read through 30 page articles to figure out what you meant to say about them. Your next task is to include the new literature into you review document as soon as possible.

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