Dissertation Made Easy –12– When Enough is Enough For Your Lit Review

If you follow my advice, you’ve been working on your lit review way before you completed your coursework. Now that it’s crunch time the question many students have is how long should the lit review be? Most schools don’t have a limit. If there is a limitation set, it would be on the minimum number of pages that it should be. No worries! By the time you complete a thorough review of the literature, you will have left the minimum behind. Now here are my tips for knowing when:

  1. Look for information that supports what you want to study, but does not mean you exclude what disputes your point. You want to know what research has been done on this topic because it not only helps you see what’s out there and where you want your research to fit in- It also gives you’re your reader some background so they get your study and findings.
  2. As you begin your research it’s good to focus on the most recent AND most relevant. This means that even if you are focusing on research from the past 10 years, you are still looking at significant literature from as far back as it exists. For example: You can’t do a lit review about psychoanalysis without including Freud.
  3. When you start the search, yes you are looking for everything. But as you go along, you will start noticing that some things are being repeated. Yes that tells you that this is something to think about, but it also screams enough. If you are going to the library and everything you find you’ve already read, you’ve done an exhaustive search. It’s time to move forward.
  4. Some studies do cover more than one item, and not all of them will pertain to your research. Learn to discriminate. Just because you had to read all 30 pages of the article doesn’t mean your readers have to know about it too. Stick with what is pertinent to your study and ditch the rest. Please don’t take this to mean not including differing view points because they do matter.

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