What if God was waiting for the media?

I attended a meeting not too long ago where we were discussing ways that we can help young brothers in the community. I know… we’re forever having these little feel good about yourself type meetings. A whole group of people get together, talk about all these things that are needed and then shift to how we need the government or some outside forces to intervene and provide the money so we can implement these great ideas that will never see daylight. But we really want to help the community. Yeah! Right!
So at this particular meeting a participant provided a recommendation that was practically cost-free. It wasn’t going to have a monetary cost, but required time and dedication. It was reading program. People would read with children over the phone. The person shared that he was doing this with some folks and that they were using the bible. Most of us have at least one in our home. It might still be as new as it was when we got it 10-20years ago, but we got one. I though this was great idea, and something that could get started immediately, especially in churches. If I was a pastor, I would jump for joy at something like this. To get my flock to read the bible outside of church. In most cases, this would mean that there would be teams of at least one adult and one child or teen reading the bible weekly for a few minute.
We discussed the program, what it would take and how we can get it started immediately. In the end, it was decided that it would be best started in the churches, where there was a captive group to be paired. Imagine my astound when one of the pastors (‘cause you know there’s always a few of them at all of these meetings) started to question how we would get the media. The man asked the question in so many ways that rest of us were missing, until he finally said out right that we would need to find a way to get that information to the media so they can cover it. Why? Are we asking the anchors to read? That would be great, but we’re just piloting a program in the church. Of-course, always wanting silliness to stop, I recommended that we can get the media involved after the program has been done for a while and get them to report success stories. Fair? At least I thought it was. That was not enough. He wanted the media to know that his church was doing stuff in the community to help people. Isn’t that the purpose of the church? Silly me! I guess I had been missing the point all these years.
Now I wonder, what if God had to try to get publicity before everything? What if God wanted CNN & NBC to be present before helping your church grow Pastor? What if God wanted to media to be present before doing anything for any of us for that matter? Can you imagine where we’d be? It really does bother me when people have been blessed with so much and are putting so many contingencies on their sharing these gifts with others. I’m not saying everyone needs to be a Christian, but what ever you say you believe in, believe for good. Both spirituality and religion encourage good deeds. Next time someone is seeking publicity before they agree to do some good, my question will be “what if God took that same position with you?” Seriously Pastor, if God was waiting for The Palm Beach Post or Sun Sentinel to cover his blessing upon your church, you might still be the only member of your congregation. You could not even get your wife to join, if not for blessings. So stop putting publicity before kindness.

I’m just saying though…

Dream Big… Live Bigger…

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