Dissertation Made Easy –17– The Waiting Game

Waiting is one of the most nerve wracking and potentially time consuming parts of the dissertation journey. You hurry to get your document in and now have to wait for someone to get back to you. The first thing you need to do to help you through this part is know your school’s policy. Most institutions allow faculty two weeks to review and return your submissions, but you should be able to find your program’s from the student handbook. Follow up with them before that time. Your follow up time line should include an email or call at the half way point and if they have not responded by the school’s set timeline, and another contact a couple of days after a missed turn around due date. Checking in- Seeing if they have any concerns- Something to keep your name and your submission relevant. If you submitted a document to someone who has to submit it to another person, make sure you know who that person is- by name. When you follow up, mention the person’s name – “I’m looking forward to Dr. ___’s feedback” goes a long way. If the person forgot, or did not know the step was to take place they will be prompted to investigate or at least ask you.

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Feel free to ask questions.


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