Dissertation Made Easy –20– The Revolving Committee Door

The longer you are in the dissertation stage the greater your chances of having to new members join your committee after you have started work. Faculty members have life changes just as students do. People move. They experience crises. They have major life events. All those can be reasons that someone steps down from your committee. This does not mean that you have to be caught off guard. If you keep close enough contact with you committee you are more likely to hear that they will be leaving before try to submit your document for review. If you know that a member is leaving your committee ask them for recommendation for a replacement. Speak to your advisor immediately to begin to see whom you can bring in for a seamless transition. When you get new members, take the same proactive steps that you have taken with the original members. You still need their say so to move forward so you better find out early enough what will be expected of you in order to get the ok. Bring them into the fold. Let them know about your research and pay close attention to their concerns and feedback.


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