Dissertation Made Easy -6- Benefits of Breaks

Happy New Year to all… Hopefully you took advantage of the holidays to give yourself a dissertation break.  From Twitter to Facebook and more, I see people talking about how they did not do dissertation work over the break.  That is a great ting if you use it right.  Taking breaks allow you to be away from the work and refresh your mind and body.  So now that the vacation is over, focus on putting your new ideas and relaxed state to work.  Your first day back may be slow, but don’t worry momentum will return.  If you think you have nothing new, then review what is already written.  If you did not take time off during the holidays, schedule something.  It is vital to your progress that you get breaks.  This actually saves you time.

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4 Responses to Dissertation Made Easy -6- Benefits of Breaks

  1. Netalie says:

    cute! thank you.

  2. Alva Hoekstra says:

    I built mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few

  3. Biorce says:

    New here, discovered phinished.drjudic.com trough bing and seriously like it here, will enjoy my stay hehe :)

  4. GolfNozylaway says:

    HI, I just joined this community. I’m from Romania. I like this forum…….hope to learn lot of things here 😉


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