Dissertation Made Easy -9- Use The Tools That Got You Through

In order to make it to the point that you a doctorate student, thinking about your dissertation or even be a candidate getting started on your dissertation, you have accomplished a lot. In this critical juncture of the journey, don’t let that escape you. You are not just smart; you are also a very capable and accomplished individual. Many students make the mistake of forgetting this and can become limited by their insecurities. This is a great time to pull from your past experiences; remember what has worked for you throughout your academic career and applies those tools to help you now. The tools that you used to prepare for exams and tools that helped you write some of your best papers can all help you now if you choose to apply them. Take some time to think about this and see what you come up with. Remember, this is your dissertation- you have to make the process work for you.

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Stay tuned to my websites for more tips… www.DrJudiC.com.  Feel free to ask questions.

Feel free to ask questions.

5 Responses to Dissertation Made Easy -9- Use The Tools That Got You Through

  1. Hello Dr. JudiC,

    I am a doctoral learner at University of Phoenix and I have enjoyed reading your tips. You commented under my post on FACEBOOK regarding my residency cohort being motivated to complete our our program and beat the odds. I agree with you. It is easier to do something right the first time than to try to fix it later. I am already flirting with my topic and am focusing my research for classes and deliverables around it. I hope that I can use you as a resource. I am trying to do it right the FIRST TIME!

    Thanks again for the tips. Keep ’em coming! This is really helpful information.

  2. DrJudiC says:

    Glad I can help Andrea. I’m certain you will be able to get things done right the first time and that will make your journey so much easier. Don’t hesitate to reach out when I can be of assistance.

  3. Gina McCaskill says:

    Dear DrJudiC:

    I am a social worker. I am also a fourth year PhD student in SW. I just noticed your post to the organization for which I am currently serving as president (AL SREB Doctoral Student Organization).

    I would like to know the following:
    1. Are you a SREB Scholar?
    2. Have you considered making your book available to read on Kindle through Amazon?

    Thank you

  4. Teresa MItchell says:

    Hello Dr. CIneas,

    Much to my surprise, my husband ordered your book for me (Six Months to Doctor). I am starting the first week of the Doctorate of Public Health & Epidemiology program on January 10th, 2011. Will you be responding to questions that may surface while reading your book? Thanks. TMM, Columbia, SC

  5. DrJudiC says:

    I think I emailed you a response, but definitely. Contact me if you have any questions.

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