Dissertation Made Easy –14– Summer Funner or Bummer?

Summer has arrived and some decision will have to be made about accommodating life and dissertation.  The first thought is to take the summer off to relax- That’s not exactly the best idea.  When you start taking a semester off you start to fall out of your groove of productivity. That makes it much more difficult to get back on task when you return, and the temptation to take one more semester gets even stronger because you “have sooo much to do”.  Another option is to dive into the work all summer and try to catch up or get ahead- That’s not really your best option either. You don’t want to just miss out on the summer. If you have kids they are around more, schedules are flexible and they are eager to get up and go. Even if you don’t have children in your home there is still a great deal of life happening around you that you will feel cheated if you miss it all.

The key is to balance it all. As the season begins you already know of many of the things that are coming up, so plan accordingly. Schedule a couple of trips and a few outings that you know will help you capture your summer fun. Scatter them so that you are not gone so long you fall out of your routine or working so long that you need to include additional  breaks. Events will continue to come up, and as much as you may want to do it all, you may need to say no sometimes, and that is certainly ok.

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Feel free to ask questions.

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